What is Voxist?

Voxist is a mobile app that replaces your old voicemail system. Think of it as your virtual personal assistant – people calling you get personalized greetings and you get to read their voicemail messages thanks to our transcription service. Access voicemail messages through the app or in your email when you’re not on the phone.

Download Voxist on your iOS or Android to get your smart and personalized voicemail experience.

Our CEO & Founder

Karel Bourgois is a Telecom geek who spent the last 20 years working in the industry in a variety of roles. He started Voxist in 2016 after his time as Head of Product at Orange’s Libon, a mobile app that launched internationally and grew virally to several million users worldwide. While there he learned of consumer frustration around voicemail, and made it his personal mission to design a useful and fun voicemail app with a simple and beautiful user experience.

Voxist is available on iOS & Android

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